This page contains all the key Paul McCartney albums, sorted chronologically.

A number of song features are linked to, and also listed on the Paul McCartney songs page.

Paul McCartney albums montage

Solo albums and non-band collaborations are on page one, with McCartney’s live albums on page two. The third page brings together his work with Wings (including the bestseller Band On The Run), including their live releases.

Studio albums

‘Cue 2m1 / 2M4’
‘Cue 5M1 / 11M3’
‘Cue 6M4 / 7M2’
‘Cue 6M2 / 1M2’
‘Cue 10M1 / 6M3 / 4M1 / 1M3 / 1M4’
‘Love In The Open Air (Cue 7M3)’
‘Cue 2M5’
‘Cue 1M1’
‘Cue 7M1’
‘Cue 11M1 / 11M2 / 10M3 / 8M1’
‘Cue 12M1’
‘Cue 13M1’
‘Cue 13M2’
The Family Way album artwork - Paul McCartney
McCartney album artwork - Paul McCartney
Ram (Paul and Linda McCartney)

17 May 1971 (US)
21 May 1971 (UK)

Ram album artwork - Paul and Linda McCartney
Thrillington (Percy ‘Thrills’ Thrillington)

29 April 1977 (UK)
16 May 1977 (US)

Thrillington album artwork - Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington (Paul McCartney)
McCartney II album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Tug Of War’
‘Take It Away’
‘Somebody Who Cares’
‘What’s That You’re Doing’
Here Today’
‘Ballroom Dancing’
‘The Pound Is Sinking’
‘Get It’
‘Be What You See (Link)’
‘Dress Me Up As A Robber’
‘Ebony And Ivory’
Tug Of War album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Pipes Of Peace’
‘Say Say Say’
‘The Other Me’
‘Keep Under Cover’
‘So Bad’
‘The Man’
‘Sweetest Little Show’
‘Average Person’
‘Hey Hey’
‘Tug Of Peace’
‘Through Our Love’
Pipes Of Peace album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘No More Lonely Nights’
‘Good Day Sunshine’
‘Corridor Music’
‘Here, There And Everywhere’
‘Ballroom Dancing’
‘Silly Love Songs’
‘Silly Love Songs’ (Reprise)
‘Not Such A Bad Boy’
‘No Values’
‘No More Lonely Nights’ (Ballad Reprise)
‘For No One’
‘Eleanor Rigby’
‘Eleanor’s Dream’
‘The Long And Winding Road’
‘No More Lonely Nights’ (Playout Version)
‘Good Night Princess’
Give My Regards To Broad Street album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Good Times Coming’/‘Feel The Sun’
‘Talk More Talk’
‘Only Love Remains’
‘Pretty Little Head’
‘Move Over Busker’
‘However Absurd’
‘Write Away’
‘It’s Not True’
‘Tough On A Tightrope’
Press To Play album artwork - Paul McCartney
Choba B CCCP (Russian Album) artwork: Paul Mccartney
‘My Brave Face’
‘Rough Ride’
‘You Want Her Too’
‘We Got Married’
‘Put It There’
‘Figure Of Eight’
‘This One’
‘Don’t Be Careless Love’
‘That Day Is Done’
‘How Many People’
‘Motor Of Love’
‘Ou Est Le Soleil?’
Flowers In The Dirt album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Movement I – War’
‘Movement II – School’
‘Movement III – Crypt’
‘Movement IV – Father’
‘Movement V – Wedding’
‘Movement VI – Work’
‘Movement VII – Crises’
‘Movement VIII – Peace’
Liverpool Oratorio album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Off The Ground’
‘Looking For Changes’
‘Hope Of Deliverance’
‘Mistress And Maid’
‘I Owe It All To You’
‘Biker Like An Icon’
‘Peace In The Neighbourhood’
‘Golden Earth Girl’
‘The Lovers That Never Were’
‘Get Out Of My Way’
‘Winedark Open Sea’
‘C’Mon People’
‘Cosmically Conscious’ (unlisted)
Off The Ground album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Transpiritual Stomp’
‘Trans Lunar Rising’
‘Pure Trance’
‘Arizona Light’
‘Celtic Stomp’
‘Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest’
‘4 4 4’
‘Sunrise Mix’
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest album artwork - The Fireman (Paul McCartney/Youth)
‘The Song We Were Singing’
‘The World Tonight’
‘If You Wanna’
‘Young Boy’
‘Calico Skies’
‘Flaming Pie’
‘Heaven On A Sunday’
‘Used To Be Bad’
‘Little Willow’
‘Really Love You’
‘Beautiful Night’
‘Great Day’
Flaming Pie album artwork - Paul McCartney
Movement I – After heavy light years

‘Fire/Rain – Allegro energico’
‘Cell Growth – Semplice’
‘‘Human’ Theme – Maestoso’

Movement II – He awoke startled

‘Meditation – Contemplativo’
‘Crystal Ship – Con moto scherzando’
‘Sea Voyage – Pulsating, with cool jazz feel’
‘Lost At Sea – Sognando’
‘Release – Allegro con spirito’

Movement III – Subtle colours merged soft contours

‘Safe Haven/Standing Stone – Pastorale con moto’
‘Peaceful moment – Andante tranquillo’
‘Messenger – Energico’
‘Lament – Lamentoso’
‘Trance – Misterioso’
‘Eclipse – Eroico’

Movement IV – Strings pluck, horns blow, drums beat

‘Glory Tales – Trionfale’
‘Fugal Celebration – L’istesso tempo. Fresco’
‘Rustic Dance – Rustico’
‘Love Duet – Andante intimo’
‘Celebration – Andante’

Standing Stone album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Watercolour Guitars’
‘Palo Verde’
‘Appletree Cinnabar Amber’
‘7 a.m.’
‘Watercolour Rush’
Rushes album artwork - The Fireman (Paul McCartney/Youth)
Run Devil Run album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘A Leaf’
‘Warm And Beautiful’
‘My Love’
‘Maybe I’m Amazed’
‘Calico Skies’
‘Golden Earth Girl’
‘She’s My Baby’
‘The Lovely Linda’
Working Classical album artwork - Paul McCartney
Liverpool Sound Collage album artwork
‘Lonely Road’
‘From A Lover To A Friend’
‘She’s Given Up Talking’
‘Driving Rain’
‘I Do’
‘Tiny Bubble’
‘Your Way’
‘Spinning On An Axis’
‘About You’
‘Back In The Sunshine Again’
‘Your Loving Flame’
‘Riding Into Jaipur’
‘Rinse The Raindrops’
Driving Rain album artwork - Paul McCartney
Twin Freaks (with Freelance Hellraiser)

13 June 2005

‘Really Love You’
‘Long Haired Lady’ (Reprise)
‘Rinse The Raindrops’
‘Live And Let Die’
‘Temporary Secretary’
‘What’s That You’re Doing’
‘Oh Woman, Oh Why’
‘Coming Up’
‘Maybe I’m Amazed’
Twin Freaks album artwork - Paul McCartney and Freelance Hellraiser
‘Fine Line’
‘How Kind Of You’
‘Jenny Wren’
‘At The Mercy’
‘Friends To Go’
‘English Tea’
‘Too Much Rain’
‘A Certain Softness’
‘Riding To Vanity Fair’
‘Follow Me’
‘Promise To You Girl’
‘This Never Happened Before’
‘I’ve Only Got Two Hands’ (hidden track)
Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Movement I – Spiritus’
‘Movement II – Gratia’
‘Interlude (Lament)’
‘Movement III – Musica’
‘Movement IV – Ecce Cor Meum’
Ecce Cor Meum album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Dance Tonight’
‘Ever Present Past’
‘See Your Sunshine’
‘Only Mama Knows’
‘You Tell Me’
‘Mr Bellamy’
‘Vintage Clothes’
‘That Was Me’
‘Feet In The Clouds’
‘House Of Wax’
‘The End Of The End’
‘Nod Your Head’
Memory Almost Full album artwork - Paul McCartney
‘Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight’
‘Two Magpies’
‘Sing The Changes’
‘Travelling Light’
‘Light From Your Lighthouse’
‘Sun Is Shining’
‘Dance ‘Til We’re High’
‘Lifelong Passion’
‘Is This Love?’
‘Lovers In A Dream’
‘Universal Here, Everlasting Now’
‘Don’t Stop Running’
Electric Arguments album artwork - The Fireman (Paul McCartney/Youth)
‘Ocean’s Kingdom’
‘Hall Of Dance’
Ocean's Kingdom album artwork - Paul McCartney
Kisses On The Bottom album artwork - Paul McCartney
Artwork for Paul McCartney’s 2013 album New
Paul McCartney – Egypt Station cover artwork
McCartney III cover artwork
‘Find My Way’ (feat. Beck)
‘The Kiss of Venus’ (Dominic Fike)
‘Pretty Boys’ (feat. Khruangbin)
‘Women And Wives’ (St. Vincent Remix)
‘Deep Down’ (Blood Orange Remix)
‘Seize The Day’ (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
‘Slidin’’ (EOB Remix)
‘Long Tailed Winter Bird’ (Damon Albarn Remix)
‘Lavatory Lil’ (Josh Homme)
‘When Winter Comes’ (Anderson .Paak Remix)
‘Deep Deep Feeling’ (3D RDN Remix)
‘Long Tailed Winter Bird’ (Idris Elba Remix) (physical edition bonus track)
McCartney III Imagined cover artwork
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