‘Watercolour Rush’ is the final track on Rushes, Paul McCartney’s second album as The Fireman.

The album was recorded in February 1998 at Hog Hill Mill, McCartney’s home in East Sussex. It was co-produced by Youth (Martin Glover), McCartney’s collaborator in The Fireman.

The track title was mentioned in the press release sent out with promotional copies of Rushes.

The Fireman brings bison for trancing in the streets.
The Fireman gives a watercolour rush, fluid.
The Fireman understands darsh walls and emerdeen sky. Do you?
The Fireman knows a lemon’s peal.
And the power of the equinox
The Fireman heard a girl’s snatch-talk of a saucer, flying.
The Fireman likes the sound of mud.
The Fireman plays it all; Bass. Watercolour Guitar. Keyboards. Cymbals.
And the fool.
The Fireman looped a shadow’s clipclop. And made auraveda.
The Fireman taped the talk of sex.
The Moon is right. So the Fireman comes.
The Moon is right. So The Fireman comes.

Rudely. 7am
With Rushes.

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