‘Write Away’ was one of three bonus tracks on the compact disc edition of Paul McCartney’s sixth solo album Press To Play.

The song was co-written by McCartney and former 10cc member Eric Stewart. It was recorded at McCartney’s East Sussex studio, Hog Hill Mill.

In July 1985 piano and guitar were overdubbed on ‘Write Away’, played by Eddie Rayner and Carlos Alomar respectively.

I remember I put down three different solo sections on that song. But at the end of the day, Paul and the engineer had the ability to flesh them together and to create new solos. When I asked if I could listen to it, some of the solos that I heard were not the same solo… I know that they have taken a little bit from one solo and another bit from another solo! And it worked fine for me!
Carlos Alomar, 2011
Paul McCartney: Music Is Ideas (1970-1989), Luca Perasi

The release

The vinyl and cassette editions of Press To Play contained 10 songs, ending with ‘However Absurd’. The CD version contained the bonus tracks ‘Write Away’, ‘It’s Not True’, and ‘Tough On A Tightrope’.

‘Pretty Little Head’ was issued as the second UK single on 7″ and 12″ vinyl. The 7″ contained a 3:50 remix by Larry Alexander, and ‘Write Away’ on the b-side.

The 12″ contained a 6:56 remix by Potoker, a 3:36 remix of ‘Angry’ by Alexander, and ‘Write Away’.

The ‘Pretty Little Head’ single was included in the 2022 box set The 7″ Singles Box, with ‘Write Away’ on the b-side.

Paul McCartney’s mixing notes for Write Away

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