Forty-one fully detailed Beatles discographies from around the world, with track listing, release dates, and cover artwork for singles, albums and EPs – from Argentina to Yugoslavia!

A vast array of Beatles LPs (albums), EPs and singles were released during their time together.

Nowadays their established canon of work consists of the UK albums originally released by Parlophone/EMI and, from 1968 onwards, Apple. This selection is augmented by the inclusion of the Magical Mystery Tour compilation originally issued by Capitol Records in North America, and the Past Masters collection of non-album tracks.

However, during the 1960s and beyond, record labels with the rights to release Beatles recordings took great liberties when issuing their music. Albums were chopped and changed, reordered, retitled, rehashed and occasionally bundled with recordings by other artists. Singles were selected with no consultation with The Beatles or Brian Epstein. The band’s determination to give fans good value for money was scarcely respected in the rush to sell more Beatles products to eager fans.

Artwork was put together using an array of photographic sources. At the time The Beatles hated some of the repackaged releases, but today they give a fascinating snaphot of changing fashions and styles.

These discographies focus mainly on releases from the 1960s and 1970; ie The Beatles’ time as an active group. There has never been a shortage of global Beatles releases, and to collate everything up to the present day would be an impossible task.

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