The Beatles! 1
Early 1964
Odeon LP-12-19084
The Beatles! 1 album artwork – Ecuador
The Beatles! 2
Early 1964
Odeon LP-12-19085
The Beatles! 3
Odeon LP-12-19086
A Hard Day’s Night
Autumn 1964
Odeon LP-12-19108
A Hard Day's Night album artwork – Ecuador
The Beatles Vol. 5 (Beatles For Sale)
Early 1965
Odeon LP-12-19134
The Beatles Vol. 5 album artwork – Ecuador
Socorro! (Help!)
Summer 1965
Odeon LP-12-19151
Socorro! (Help!) album artwork – Ecuador
Rubber Soul
Early 1966
Odeon LP-12-19165
Rubber Soul album artwork
Summer 1966
Odeon LP-12-19
Revolver album artwork
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Summer 1967
Odeon LP-12-19
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album artwork
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies
Late 1967
Odeon LP-12-19
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies album artwork
The Beatles (White Album)
Late 1968
Odeon LP-12-19
The Beatles (White Album) artwork
Yellow Submarine
Early 1969
Odeon LP-12-19263
Yellow Submarine album artwork
Hey Jude
March 1970
Odeon LP-12-19282
Hey Jude album artwork – Ecuador
Abbey Road
Early 1970
Odeon LP-12-19284
Abbey Road album artwork
Let It Be
Odeon LP-12-19288
Let It Be album artwork
Por Siempre Beatles (Beatles Forever)
Odeon LP-12-19355
Por Siempre album artwork – Argentina, Ecuador
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