George Harrison albums

This is a list of albums by George Harrison. In time it may feature links to articles on each title, but for now it is mostly a holding page.

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    1. Dean Prescott

      I may not qualify to comment on George because he life may be a little too important and his music is etched in my soul. I’m sure there are a lot of others out there that feel the same. But, I will comment anyway. I hope at some point people around the planet will discover how amazing his solo music is. Not just “All things must pass”. For fun here’s some titles to check out sometime, somewhere. These might even be on you tube. Here we go. If you haven’t heard “Dear One”, “Rising Sun’, “Writing’s On The Wall’, “Life Itself’ (You must hear this one, it’s a total masterpiece), ‘Living In The Material World’, Oh and the guitar solo on “The light that has lighted the world” is so perfect. I get goosebumps. And how about…’World Of Stone’? emotional and deep, such beautiful lyrics. Note: if you have the remaster of “Extra Texture” check out the sweet guitar & keyboards floating around. Just so beautiful. The best guitar solo of all time might be on “Your Love Is Forever”, short and oh so sweet. And if you haven’t heard ‘Cloud 9’ (The Song), PLEASE do. You’ve got George Harrison in one speaker and Eric Clapton in the other. Stunning. 28 years after it’s release I STILL can’t get enough. I’ll stop now but there are so many many songs that are from the heart of a man who knew what he wanted to say and knew how to say it. It’s not just my opinion. They really are amazing works of art. Please check out George.

  1. mark Fischer

    To quote CSNY “..its been a long time ‘coming…”

    George Harrison helped me understand faith, love, life, taxes and more.
    From the day I did the twist to 60 plus years later, I reflect upon his lyrics and life’s meaning ” in the material world” every day.
    Thank You George.
    P. S.
    Could you please continue to motivate me to play your beautiful songs on the guitar?

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