‘Unknown Delight’ is the seventh song on George Harrison’s tenth solo album Gone Troppo.

The song is a tribute to his second wife Olivia, whom he married in 1978, and their son Dhani. Towards the end of the 1970s Harrison had found contentment in his family, after several turbulent years.

I’m quite happy, yeah. But you can’t say, you know. It’s all… this is our lives, you know? This is the only life I can remember, and I’m happy enough doing it, being up and down, and good and bad, and in the end, I think all of us have come out of it reasonably sane and… quite happy.
George Harrison, 5 March 1988
Aspel & Company

‘Dream Away’ was the third single issued from Gone Troppo, although it was only released in Japan. The b-side was ‘Unknown Delight’.

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