‘Runaway’ was a bonus song on the 2007 reissue of Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3.

The song was originally a 1961 hit for Del Shannon, who co-wrote it with Max Crook. Shannon’s version topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for four consecutive weeks.

Lead vocals on The Traveling Wilburys’ version were by Jeff Lynne, who also played the clavioline solo.

We actually also did, which was very interesting, was ‘Runaway’, Del Shannon’s tune. It was like just a tribute, really. It was just great to see Bob Dylan playing ‘Runaway’ when we’re just sitting there playing, you know? I just thought Del would have approved, ’cause I loved Del. He was a great guy.
Jeff Lynne
Timothy White’s Rock Stars: Jeff Lynne’s Musical Chairs

‘Runaway’ first appeared on the CD single of the Wilburys’ ‘She’s My Baby’, released on 5 November 1990. At the time it was their first cover version.

The song was reportedly considered for the band’s second album, but was not included until it became the final track on the 2007 reissue.

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