‘Inside Out’ is the second song on Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3.

It was the first song the Traveling Wilburys wrote and recorded for their second album.

I mean, the first one we wrote was ‘Inside Out’. And that was within, I mean, this was from everybody arriving at the house, within an hour, we had that song written. Not the lyrics, but we had the format for the tune. Then we went out, put it down on tape. And, you know, one take, two takes maybe, to just, to get it. And then we went on, wrote another song.

Like, for instance, ‘Inside Out’. We came to write the words of that. Somebody like Bob, maybe, I can’t remember if it was Bob or Tom, he just came up with the idea, ‘look out your window, the grass ain’t green.’ And then, I just thought of ‘it’s kind of yellow.’ And then somebody else says, ‘see what I mean.’ And then we got the next bit, ‘look up your chimney, the sky ain’t blue, it’s kind of yellow.’ And then that one became a joke because every time the third line came, it kept being yellow, ‘it’s kind of yellow’.

George Harrison
The Traveling Wilburys Revisited, BBC Radio 2

‘Inside Out’ was released as a single in Canada and Germany. ‘New Blue Moon’ (Instrumental) was on the b-side.

The single reached number 50 on Canada’s RPM 100 chart.

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