‘Tired Of Midnight Blue’ is the eighth song on George Harrison’s sixth solo album Extra Texture (Read All About It).

‘Tired Of Midnight Blue’ was originally called ‘Midnight Blue’ and as soon as I had it ready Melissa Manchester put out a song with that title and so I changed it to ‘Tired Of Midnight Blue’.

I had been to a Los Angeles club – ended up in the back room with a lot of grey-haired naughty people and I was depressed by what I saw going on there.

George Harrison
I Me Mine

The song was recorded at A&M Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on 21 April 1975.

Sometimes I just think of titles and write them down on a bit of paper, and then sometimes get round to writing a song about it. I always thought of ‘Midnight Blue’ as a good title, so I wrote the song, and about three weeks after I recorded it Melissa Manchester came out, so this is now called ‘Tired Of Midnight Blue’.

This is a story of, you know, those nights you go out and wish you hadn’t. It’s one of those.

It’s Leon, incidentally. Leon Russell on piano, it’s fantastic on that track.

George Harrison
Rockweek, BBC Radio 1, 6 September 1975

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