‘Can’t Stop Thinking About You’ is the seventh song on George Harrison’s sixth solo album Extra Texture (Read All About It).

I wrote that one at Christmastime two years ago. I was just sitting round the log fire. I always hear someone like Joe Cocker singing that one. It’s a very commercial sort of song.

The middle part kills me. I don’t know what it is, I have this tendency to write dramatic or melodramatic melodies, and that one, it’s like there’s a song on Material World also, which always makes me think it should be sung by somebody like either Al Jolson or Mario Lanza. It’s a funny, interesting melody.

[At the beginning] that’s my impersonation of John Lennon. It was hard to sing that first chorus, I tell you.

George Harrison
Rockweek, BBC Radio 1, 6 September 1975

Harrison first recorded ‘Can’t Stop Thinking About You’ in June 1974 for the Dark Horse album, but it remained unfinished.

He returned to the song in 1975, recording the backing track on 1 May at A&M Studios in Los Angeles. The strings, arranged by David Foster, were overdubbed on 6 June.

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