‘New Blue Moon’ is the ninth song on Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3.

I think ‘New Blue Moon’ does have a sort of feel a bit like The Shirelles… The male Shirelles, if there is such a thing, and things like that.
George Harrison
BBC Radio 1, 25 October 1990

Anybody who can use those pathetic drum machines to the extent they do and not notice how crap they sound… You listen to ‘New Blue Moon’, which was played live with four acoustic guitars and a drummer who played everything that’s on there – except for the back beat, because he had four maracas in his hands and he was playing all these different bits on the tom-toms and a tambourine on the side tom – it sounds good! We put just two microphones on the drums. These days, if bands do have a real drummer, you go in the control room and they’ve got like 12 or 14 tracks of drums.
George Harrison
The Traveling Wilburys book

‘She’s My Baby’ was the lead single from the album, released on 5 November 1990. The b-side was ‘New Blue Moon’ (Instrumental).

The second single released from Vol. 3 was ‘Wilbury Twist’. The CD single contained the additional songs ‘New Blue Moon’ (Instrumental) and ‘Cool Dry Place’.

I like ‘You Took My Breath Away’, ‘New Blue Moon’. That’s a really fun album. There’s a lot of great lead guitar on that record from George, too.
Tom Petty, 1 June 2007
MSN Music

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