‘Plug Me In’ was one of the Apple Jam instrumentals recorded during the sessions for George Harrison’s third solo album All Things Must Pass.

The track was recorded as ‘Jam 2’ on 1 July 1970 in Studio Three at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, during the same session as ‘Thanks For The Pepperoni’, and was similarly based on a basic three-chord blues sequence.

The recording featured musicians who would later form the band Derek and the Dominos. In return for the musicians’ assistance on All Things Must Pass, Clapton and Harrison arranged for Phil Spector to produce a single for the new group.

In addition to the two Harrison cuts, the Dominos recorded two Clapton-Whitlock compositions on the same day, ‘Tell The Truth’ and ‘Roll It Over’. The single was briefly issued in the US by Atco Records before being withdrawn in September 1970.

On the All Things Must Pass album, ‘Plug Me In’ was sequenced after the frivolous ‘It’s Johnny’s Birthday’, and – for reasons unknown – begins with an abrupt tape edit.

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