‘A Bit More Of You’ is the sixth song on George Harrison’s sixth solo album Extra Texture (Read All About It).

Lasting just 45 seconds, it is a reprise of the opening track ‘You’.

‘A Bit More Of You’ acts as a curtain-raiser for side two of the album. It is an instrumental track, and omits Harrison’s and Ronnie Spector’s vocals.

‘You’ was written for Phil Spector’s wife Ronnie. I wrote it and laid the track down with Leon Russell. I tried to write a Ronette sort of song. We never got to make a whole album because we only did four or five tracks before Phil fell over, and then he decided to release ‘Try Some, Buy Some’ as a single.

I forgot about it and years later dug the tape out and re-worked it, overdubbed on it and did it myself even though it was recorded in Ronnie’s register – a bit high for me.

George Harrison
I Me Mine

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