Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

Six busy weeks spent filming A Hard Day’s Night came to a close on this day, with a final scene being shot at Edgehill Road in Ealing, London.

The scene was part of Ringo Starr’s solo sequence. In it, he laid his coat over puddles for a woman to walk on, doing his best impression of Sir Walter Raleigh, not realising that one of the puddles was actually a large hole.

Ringo Starr in A Hard Day's Night, 24 April 1964

The Beatles had started work on A Hard Day’s Night on 2 March 1964. This was their 40th day spent on the film, although other scenes were filmed without their involvement.

To celebrate the wrap, in the afternoon The Beatles, the rest of the cast, the film crew, and visiting US radio DJ Murray the K, all attended a private party in the back of the Turks Head pub in Twickenham, where Starr’s pub sequence had been filmed on 10 March.

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