A demo of of ‘Let It Be Me’ appears on the posthumous George Harrison album Early Takes Volume 1.

The song was originally titled ‘Je t’appartiens’. The music was by Gilbert Bécaud, with French lyrics by Pierre Delanoë. It was a hit for Bécaud in 1955.

Manny Curtis wrote English-language lyrics and retitled the song ‘Let It Be Me’. It was performed by Jill Corey in 1957 in the television show Climax!.

The song was popularised further in 1959 by The Everly Brothers, whose version reached number 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

George Harrison’s demo version was recorded on 24 September 1983, the day after he saw The Everly Brothers performing at London’s Royal Albert Hall. It remained unreleased until 2012.

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