‘If You Believe’ is the final song on George Harrison’s self-titled eighth solo album.

It was co-written with Gary Wright, who also performed synthesizer on the recording. Harrison finished writing the song in Hawaii in February 1978.

‘If You Believe’ – written with Gary Wright in England on New Year’s Day 1978. He said ‘Here’s a bit I’ve got, I don’t know if you can make anything of it!’ He played it to me and we made it into this song that night. I wrote the words to the verses later in Hawaii, and edited it down after the recording.
George Harrison
I Me Mine

In an interview to support the album, Harrison mentioned ‘If You Believe’ as one of his two least favourite songs.

I like them all really, but the two I least like are ‘If You Believe’ – I like the sentiment of that, but it’s a bit obvious as a tune – and ‘Soft Touch’, which is just pleasant but there’s nothing special about it, I feel.
George Harrison
Rolling Stone, 19 April 1979

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