‘That Which I Have Lost’ is the seventh song on George Harrison’s ninth solo album Somewhere In England.

The album was the first by a former Beatle to be rejected by a record company. Warner Bros decided Somewhere In England was not commercial enough, and asked Harrison to rework it.

I think he felt sidelined by everything that was going on. It was the rise of the machine, and there was a real sea change in popular music. Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, he felt that was all at the opposite end of the spectrum and he was railing against it. I don’t think he was disillusioned, I just think he was sad about what was going on around him. ‘What am I doing? I don’t feel a part of contemporary music.’
Dave Mattacks, drummer
Behind The Locked Door, Graeme Thomson

To placate the label, Harrison reworked ‘All Those Years Ago’ and wrote recorded three new songs: ‘Blood From A Clone’, ‘Teardrops’, and the country-style ‘That Which I Have Lost’.

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