‘Teardrops’ is the sixth song on George Harrison’s ninth solo album Somewhere In England.

That’s quite a nice song. That could be done by some black group, because you could make a good dance routine to that one.
George Harrison, 15 November 1992
George Harrison On George Harrison, Ashley Kahn

Harrison wrote the song in October 1980 while on holiday in Hawaii. Along with ‘That Which I Have Lost’ and ‘Blood From A Clone’, it was part of a trio of new songs written and recorded after Warner Bros initially rejected the album.

‘Teardrops’ was composed to satisfy Warners’ request for a hit single. It was released as the album’s second single on 15 July in the US and 31 July in the UK, with ‘Save The World’ on the b-side.

The single did not chart in the UK. In the USA it missed the Billboard Hot 100, but reached 88 on the Cash Box chart. It also charted at 51 on the Billboard Rock Albums and Top Tracks chart, based on radio airplay.

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