US album release: Wonderwall Music by George Harrison

Following its UK release on 1 November, George Harrison’s first solo LP, Wonderwall Music, was released in the United States.

Credited to George Harrison & Band/Indian Orchestra, the LP was written and produced by Harrison. Wonderwall Music was the first US album released by Apple Records, and the catalogue number was Apple ST 3350.

The tracklisting was the same as the UK version:

  • ‘Microbes’
  • ‘Red Lady Too’
  • ‘Tabla And Pakavaj’
  • ‘In The Park’
  • ‘Drilling A Home’
  • ‘Guru Vandana’
  • ‘Greasy Legs’
  • ‘Ski-ing’
  • ‘Gat Kirwani’
  • ‘Dream Scene’
  • ‘Party Seacombe’
  • ‘Love Scene’
  • ‘Crying’
  • ‘Cowboy Music’
  • ‘Fantasy Sequins’
  • ‘On The Bed’
  • ‘Glass Box’
  • ‘Wonderwall To Be Here’
  • ‘Singing Om’

Wonderwall Music album artwork – George Harrison

The tracks were recorded in England in December 1967 and in Bombay, India in January 1968, and were virtually all instrumentals. Among the musicians taking part were Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton, although both used pseudonyms – Richie Snare and Eddie Clayton respectively.

Wonderwall Music reached number 49 in the US charts in early 1969.

Last updated: 5 October 2021
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