George Harrison live at Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen with Delaney & Bonnie

This was the last of three consecutive nights in which George Harrison joined husband and wife act Delaney & Bonnie onstage in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Delaney & Bonnie performed for three consecutive nights at the Falkoner Theatre in the Danish capital, and Harrison was there for each. They were the last tour dates he joined them for, having previously played a number of English shows earlier in the month.

The Beatles had opened their world tour at another Copenhagen venue on 4 June 1964, with Jimmie Nicol standing in for an unwell Ringo Starr.

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4 responses on “George Harrison live at Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen with Delaney & Bonnie

  1. Jonas Svensson, Sweden

    I beleive they played at Konserthuset in Göteborg, Sweden this date. My friend was there and took some photographs as well. I have a hunch they played in Stockholm as well but I´m not quite sure.

  2. Jonas Svensson, Sweden

    A bit of googling revealed that the group played in Stockholm on December 13, and two concerts in Göteborg the following day, which should be the 14th. And George was still in the band.
    The text I found reads -and I apologize for not referring to its proper writer but I didn´t keep the details, sorry -and thanks:
    “While the group was staying in Stockholm, George wrote the song “Woman Don’t You Cry For Me”, as evidenced by the reproduction of the original lyric sheet, the letterhead displays the name of the place they were staying in Stockholm, the Castle Hotel. The song was planned for release on “All Things Must Pass”, but fell by the wayside and was resurrected for the 1976 album 33 1/3.”

  3. Fabio G. Minero

    I think they played in Stockholm on 8th December and in Göteborg on 9th December; on 14th December, Delaney & Bonnie (together with Clapton and Harrison) played with Plastic Ono Band at Lyceum Ballroom in London for the ‘WAR IS OVER’ Peace Campaign.

  4. manteau

    they played at the London Lyceum with the plastic Ono band on 15th december. The show is on the live album , second disc of the “some time in NYC” album, closing with a very long version of “don’t worry Kyoko” , Keith Moon, Eric Clapton and Billy Preston were also present, adding to the cacophony of the Delaney and Bonnie band including George.

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