‘Drilling A Home’ is the fifth track on George Harrison’s debut solo album Wonderwall Music.

The track was recorded by the members of Liverpool band The Remo Four.

We recorded backing tracks at Abbey Road to accompany certain points in the film. George had timed it all with a stopwatch: ‘We need one minute and 35 seconds with a country & western feel.’ Or, ‘We need a rock thing for exactly two minutes.’ Nothing was really written. We’d talk over ideas he wanted, play something, and he’d say, ‘That’s good, keep that. I like the piano there.’ It was very experimental. There were different tracks with different atmospheres, and a few different sessions. The Indian musicians were recorded in Bombay. At another session he used Eric Clapton, who did a great riff on ‘Ski-ing’. I heard he borrowed a five-string banjo from Paul McCartney for Peter Tork to use!
Roy Dyke, The Remo Four
Uncut, May 2020

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