‘Love Comes To Everyone’ is the opening song on George Harrison’s self-titled eighth solo album.

‘Love Comes To Everyone’ I started in the autumn of 1977 and wrote the lyrics in Hawaii in February 1978. The tune was inspired by the guitar effect called ‘Roland’. The lyrics are very optimistic.
George Harrison
I Me Mine

Harrison began writing the song in September 1977, and completed it in February 1978. It was the first new composition written for the album.

Eric Clapton performed the guitar introduction to ‘Love Comes to Everyone’.

He came up to Friar Park with Pattie. He was still drinking then, he was hitting it pretty hard. He came in and we were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea, Eric was having a cognac, but it was all perfectly fine. No tension.
Russ Titelman, producer
Behind The Locked Door, Graeme Thomson

Although Harrison wanted it to be the album’s lead single, ‘Love Comes to Everyone’ was released as the second single from George Harrison. It was faded out early, reducing the running time from 4:36 to 3:35.

The single was released on 20 April 1979 in the UK, with ‘Soft-Hearted Hana’ on the b-side. In the USA it was issued on 11 May with ‘Soft Touch’ on the flipside.

He did need a push sometimes. He lived in his own world, and I think he knew that too. He had the demos and he invited me over to his house in Benedict Canyon to listen. ‘Blow Away’ was on there and it sounded like a hit, and ‘Love Comes To Everyone’, which seemed like a pop record.
Russ Titelman
Behind The Locked Door, Graeme Thomson

Harrison performed ‘Love Comes To Everyone’ on the opening date of his 1991 Japanese tour with Eric Clapton, but it was dropped for subsequent shows.

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