‘I Remember Jeep’ was an instrumental recording included on George Harrison’s third album All Things Must Pass. It was released on the Apple Jam disc.

The Apple Jam recordings featured a wide range of performers. ‘I Remember Jeep’ was the only one on which Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, formerly of the bands Cream and Blind Faith, both appeared.

Jeep was the name of Clapton’s Weimaraner dog, and also appeared on the sleeve of his 1071 hit single ‘Layla’, and on the 1975 album There’s One In Every Crowd. Clapton later said he let Jeep and his golden retriever Sunshine “crap in the house because we were too stoned to clear it up.”

Jeep was actually Eric’s dog – a funny kind of orangy-brown dog with pink eyes [laughs]. I think he might have kicked it – I’m sure he has by now – but I know it was his dog.
George Harrison
Billboard, December 2000

‘I Remember Jeep’ was recorded as ‘Jam 4’ on 3 July 1970 in Studio Three at EMI Studios, Abbey Road.

At the time ‘I Remember Jeep’ was recorded, Clapton was falling in love with Harrison’s wife Pattie. Clapton later wrote the hit song ‘Layla’, which first appeared on Derek and the Dominos’ only album in November 1970, about his unrequited love for her.

Harrison’s feelings towards Jeep are not known.

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