‘Wake Up My Love’ is the opening song on George Harrison’s tenth solo album Gone Troppo.

There’s one I liked a lot called ‘Life Itself’. But it’s not a rock and roll song; it’s a mystical kind of lyric. And I like that one you mentioned. ‘Wake Up My Love’. I got the idea for that from a Paul Robeson song.
George Harrison, 15 November 1992
George Harrison On George Harrison, Ashley Kahn

Although Harrison did no promotional work for Gone Troppo, ‘Wake Up My Love’ was seemingly designed to be a pop hit. To that end, it was released on 8 November 1982 as the album’s lead single, with ‘Greece’ on the b-side.

Despite its commercial sound, ‘Wake Up My Love’ failed to chart in the UK and peaked at 53 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Harrison included the song on his 1989 compilation Best Of Dark Horse 1978-1989.

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