‘Dear One’ is the second song on George Harrison’s seventh solo album Thirty Three & ⅓.

Written by Harrison during a holiday in the Virgin Islands in early 1976, the song was dedicated to Premavatar Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography Of A Yogi. Harrison was given a copy of the book in India in 1966 by Ravi Shankar’s brother.

I think this is the only song I’ve ever written with an A tuning. For a change it is nice tuning to open chords. I wrote the lyrics in 1976 on vacation in the Virgin Islands right before I started work on 33⅓, and they are directed to Paramhansa Yogananda – author of Autobiography Of A Yogi – and founder of the Self-Realisation Fellowship and a great influence on my life.
George Harrison
I Me Mine

Aside from an organ part by Richard Tee, Harrison performs all instruments on ‘Dear One’. Along with ‘See Yourself’, it was one of two songs on Thirty Three & ⅓ dedicated to Yogananda.

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