Beware Of Darkness

All Things Must Pass album artwork - George HarrisonWritten by: Harrison
Recorded: May-October 1970
Producers: George Harrison, Phil Spector
Engineers: Ken Scott, Phil McDonald

Released: 30 November 1970 (UK), 27 November 1970 (US)

George Harrison: Vocals, guitar
Eric Clapton: guitar
Dave Mason: guitar
Carl Radle: bass guitar
Bobby Whitlock: piano
Gary Wright: organ
Ringo Starr: drums
Uncredited: xylophone

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All Things Must Pass

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Beware of Darkness - All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) [Remastered]

On the bonus tracks, the acoustic "Beware Of Darkness," with its witty "beware of ABKCO" line, is electrifying. Was that the first recorded version?

Yes. Actually I didn't even know it was recorded at the time. It came out later on a bootleg, and it's strange when something you didn't ever consider to be a record is suddenly something somebody digs out and plays as what's supposed to be the record. I have a problem with all that. Some people think, as far as bootleg material, that it has a special value, and okay maybe it does to some people and in some situations, but if you imagine a car

I had to go over the songs I had with Phil Spector, 'cause he was the co-producer, and we were in, I think, Studio 2 at Abbey Road, and the engineer had a microphone and taped it. [The bonus acoustic version of] "Let It Down" is off the same take, but I've added acoustic guitar to it, and Ray Cooper's doing a synth pad in the back, very unobtrusive. And my musician friend Joe Brown's daughter, Sam Brown, who's had her own hit records in England - she's a great singer, and I've got her doing the backing voice on the new My Sweet Lord 2000, and she sings lead on it after the guitar solo.

George Harrison

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