The Beatles’ final photo shoot

The Beatles united for a final photographic session on 22 August 1969. It was also the last occasion in which all four members were together for band duties; thereafter their only meetings were business-related.

It was just a photo session. I wasn’t there thinking, ‘OK, this is the last photo session.’

Hey Jude album artworkThe shoot took place in the house and grounds of Tittenhurst Park, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s home in Sunninghill near Ascot, Berkshire. The couple had moved in earlier in the month on 11 August, although they had bought the 72-acre estate on 4 May 1969.

The photo shoot took place two days after their final recording session together. The photographers were Ethan Russell and Monte Fresco, with additional pictures taken by The Beatles’ assistant Mal Evans. Some low-quality film footage was also shot, some of which is thought to have been shown on the BBC Two arts programme Late Night Line-Up on 19 September 1969, during an Abbey Road special.

Linda shot some 16mm footage on my camera. That turned out to be the last film taken.

Yoko Ono and a heavily pregnant Linda McCartney appeared in some of the photographs. Also at the shoot were Apple Corps’ press officer Derek Taylor and Paul McCartney’s sheepdog Martha.

A number of photographs were taking in various locations in the house and around the estate. Lennon and George Harrison wore wide-brimmed hats in some of the pictures.

The session began in front of the main house, with The Beatles standing by the pillars underneath the terrace canopy.

From the main house The Beatles walked down the main garden path past the statue of Diana, goddess of the hunt.

Last updated: 9 February 2023
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