‘So Sad’ is the third song on George Harrison’s fifth solo album Dark Horse.

Harrison’s marriage to Pattie Boyd was coming to an end during the album’s creation, and in 1974 she left him for Eric Clapton. Although Harrison publicly gave the couple his blessing, he was evidently wounded by the split, and wrote ‘So Sad’ during the separation.

I started ‘So Sad’ in New York City in 1972. I like this song a lot as a melody and lyrically, except the only problem with it is it’s depressing. It is so sad. It was at the time I was splitting up with Pattie.
George Harrison
I Me Mine

Harrison first recorded ‘So Sad’ for his 1973 album Living In The Material World, but decided to hold it back. He instead offered it to Alvin Lee, who was recording an album with gospel singer Mylon LeFevre.

Their version was recorded in August 1973 and released as a single in December. It also appeared on their album On The Road To Freedom, where it was retitled ‘So Sad (No Love Of His Own)’.

Harrison’s own version was recorded at Friar Park in November 1973. It was the oldest original composition on Dark Horse.

Klaus Voormann’s original bass guitar part was replaced the following year with one by Willie Weeks. The hoarseness of Harrison’s vocals also suggests that he recorded them in Los Angeles in October 1974.

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