‘Devil’s Radio’ is the seventh song on George Harrison’s eleventh solo album Cloud Nine.

I’m happy I’ve written a rock ‘n’ roll song like ‘Devil’s Radio’, which is actually saying something.
George Harrison, 15 November 1992
George Harrison On George Harrison, Ashley Kahn

The song was inspired by a billboard Harrison noticed outside a church.

I have to go past this little church to take my boy to school and they have a little billboard – just a little board outside the church – saying, ‘Gossip: The Devil’s Radio… Don’t Be A Broadcaster.’ That’s all. So I thought, that’s good, that’s a song, and I wrote it going to one of the Eurythmics concerts. I sort of spent a bit of time with Dave Stewart, checking out his live show on – what was that tour called? – Revenge. The Revenge Tour was coming around England and I went to a couple of shows and I thought, ‘Yeah, I can do this. I can write these.’ So I wrote a couple of rockers.
Creem, December 1987

Although not issued as a single, ‘Devil’s Radio’ reached number four on the US Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart after a promotional single was sent to radio stations.

A live recording of ‘Devil’s Radio’ appears on the 1992 album Live In Japan. The performance is from Harrison’s concert at the Tokyo Dome on 15 December 1991.

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