‘Looking For My Life’ is the fourth song on George Harrison’s Brainwashed album.

The song ‘Looking For My Life’, when I first heard that, was in the sessions when I started to mix all the songs, and work on the songs, and fix some of them up. That was one that wasn’t finished, but as soon as I heard the lyric, with that tune, it was just… And he was crooning on there, ‘Looking for my life,’ he was singing so well. It was astonishing.
Jeff Lynne
Brainwashed press kit

Although released posthumously, and seemingly about a man coming to terms with terminal illness, the song was written prior to 1997 and predates Harrison’s cancer diagnosis.

Oh Lord, won’t you listen in to me now
Oh Love, I got to get me back to you somehow
I never knew that life was loaded
I’d only hung around birds and bees
I never knew that things exploded
I only found it out when I was down upon my knees
Looking for my life, looking for my life
‘Looking For My Life’

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