‘Ski-ing’ is the eighth track on George Harrison’s debut solo album Wonderwall Music.

The acid-rock instrumental featured Eric Clapton on lead guitar and Ringo Starr on drums. It was recorded at EMI Studios, Abbey Road.

George told me he’d like me to play on something, or we’d write something as we went along… You know, it was very experimental, and it was good fun.

Clapton was credited under the name Eddie Clayton for contractual reasons. In 1968, although musicians often appeared on each other’s recordings, it was usually done under the radar to avoid disputes with rival record labels.

The stereo mix of ‘Ski-ing’ lasts 13 seconds longer than the mono version.

Excerpts from ‘Ski-ing’, ‘Cowboy Music’, and ‘Wonderwall To Be Here’ appeared in the soundtrack of Apple, a promotional film production produced by Tony Bramwell in 1968.

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