Written by George Martin, ‘Sea Of Time’ was part of the score for the Yellow Submarine animated film.

The 41-piece George Martin Orchestra performed the soundtrack’s instrumental pieces at Abbey Road on 22 and 23 October 1968. The players were conducted by the composer himself, with John Burgess and Ron Richards co-producing.

‘Sea Of Time’ was notable among Martin’s Yellow Submarine compositions for its use of Indian instrumentation. It opens with a tambura drone, and a winding melody similar to that of George Harrison’s ‘Within You Without You’.

The Yellow Submarine soundtrack was released in January 1969, with Martin’s pieces filling the second half. The US version treated ‘Sea Of Holes’ and ‘Sea Of Time’ as a single track. The UK LP, meanwhile, listed the two pieces separately, as did the 1987 international CD reissue and subsequent reissues.

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