‘Pepperland Laid Waste’ was part of the score written in 1968 by George Martin for the Yellow Submarine animated film, and appeared as the penultimate track on the accompanying soundtrack LP.

The album’s seven instrumental pieces were performed at Abbey Road on 22 and 23 October 1968, by the 41-piece George Martin Orchestra. Martin conducted the players himself, with John Burgess and Ron Richards co-producing.

In the Yellow Submarine film, Pepperland is an undersea paradise inhabited by music lovers. Their harmonious lives are threatened by the Blue Meanies, who hate music and beauty. The Blue Meanies attack Pepperland, freezing the inhabitants and destroying the land’s beauty.

‘Pepperland Laid Waste’ was Martin’s musical illustration of the aftermath of the attacks, featuring a range of atmospheric orchestral swells, trills and climaxes to evoke the despondency afflicting the land.

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