The Beatles’ Australian releases were largely the same as their UK ones, with a few exceptions. Several unique singles were compiled – including the German language songs – as were a range of EPs in the mid 1960s. Some differences in the artwork were also made, and the catalogue numbers were different.


Please Please Me
October 1963
Parlophone PMCO 1202 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 3042 (stereo)
Please Please Me album artwork
With The Beatles
February 1964
Parlophone PMCO 1206 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 3045 (stereo)
With The Beatles album and EP artwork – Australia
A Hard Day’s Night
September 1964
Parlophone PMCO 1230 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 3058 (stereo)
A Hard Day's Night album artwork
Beatles For Sale
February 1965
Parlophone PMCO 1240 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 3062 (stereo)
Beatles For Sale album artwork – Australia
September 1965
Parlophone PMCO 1255 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 3071 (stereo)
Help! album artwork
Rubber Soul
February 1966
Parlophone PMCO 1267 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 3075 (stereo)
Rubber Soul album artwork
August 1966
Parlophone PMCO 7009 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 7009 (stereo)
Revolver album artwork
Greatest Hits Volume 1
October 1966
Parlophone PMCO 7533 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 7533 (stereo)
Greatest Hits Volume 1 album artwork – Australia
Greatest Hits Volume 2
February 1967
Parlophone PMCO 7534 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 7534 (stereo)
Greatest Hits Volume 2 album artwork – Australia
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
June 1967
Parlophone PMCO 7027 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 7027 (stereo)
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album artwork
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies
June 1968
Parlophone PMCO 7016 (mono)
Parlophone PCSO 7016 (stereo)
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies album artwork
The Beatles (White Album)
December 1968
Apple PMCO 7067/8 (mono)
Apple PCSO 7067/8 (stereo)
The Beatles (White Album) artwork
Yellow Submarine
January 1969
Apple PMCO 7070 (mono)
Apple PCSO 7070 (stereo)
Yellow Submarine album artwork
Abbey Road
October 1969
Apple PCSO 7088
Abbey Road album artwork
Magical Mystery Tour And Other Splendid Hits
February 1970
World Record Club S-4574
Magical Mystery Tour And Other Splendid Hits album artwork – Australia
Hey Jude
April 1970
Apple PCSO 7560
Hey Jude album artwork
Let It Be
8 May 1970
Apple PCSO 7076
Let It Be album artwork
The Essential Beatles
February 1972
Apple TVSS 8
The Essential Beatles album artwork – Australia
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