Ringo Starr returns to England from Greece

Ringo Starr and Neil Aspinall decided to return to England from Greece on this day. They had been in the country to look at possible islands to purchase for The Beatles, their family and friends to live and work on.

Starr’s wife Maureen was in the late stages of pregnancy and had remained in Britain, and he was eager to see her. Their second son Jason was born on 19 August 1967.

It came to nothing. We didn’t buy an island, we came home. We were great at going on holiday with big ideas, but we never carried them out. We were also going to buy a village in England – one with rows of houses on four sides and a village green in the middle. We were going to have a side each.
Ringo Starr

The other Beatles remained in Greece, and on this day went island-hopping and explored the land they intended to buy.

Last updated: 3 January 2011
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