Beatles discography: Brazil


January 1964
Odeon MOFB 274
Beatlemania album artwork - Brazil
The Beatles Again
Spring 1964
Odeon MOFB 287
The Beatles Again album artwork - Brazil
Os Reis Do Ié, Ié, Ié! (A Hard Day's Night)
September 1964
Odeon MOFB 299
Os Reis Do Ié, Ié, Ié! (A Hard Day's Night) album artwork - Brazil
The Beatles 65
January 1965
Odeon MOFB 317
The Beatles 65 album artwork - Brazil
Help! (Socorro!)
September 1965
Odeon MOFB 333
Help! album artwork - Brazil
Rubber Soul
January 1966
Odeon BTL 1001 (mono)
Rubber Soul album artwork
August 1966
Odeon BTL 1002 (mono)
Odeon SBTL 1002 (stereo)
Revolver album artwork
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies
January 1967
Odeon BTL 1003 (mono)
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies album artwork
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
June 1967
Odeon BTX 1004 (mono)
Odeon SBTX 1004 (stereo)
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album artwork
The Beatles (White Album)
January 1969
Apple BTX 1005/6 (mono)
Apple SBTX 1005/6 (stereo)
The Beatles (White Album) artwork
Yellow Submarine
February 1969
Apple BTL 1007 (mono)
Apple SBTL 1007 (stereo)
Yellow Submarine album artwork
Abbey Road
September 1969
Apple BTL 1008 (mono)
Apple SBTL 1008 (stereo)
Abbey Road album artwork
Hey Jude
May 1970
Apple BTL 1009 (mono)
Apple SBTL 1009 (stereo)
Hey Jude album artwork
Let It Be
June 1970
Apple BTL 1013 (mono)
Apple SBTL 1013 (stereo)
Let It Be album artwork
Beatles Forever
Early 1972
Apple BTL 1017 (mono)
Apple SBTL 1017 (stereo)
Beatles Forever album artwork - Brazil

10 responses on “Beatles discography: Brazil

  1. Johnny Moondog


    The Brazilian singles from We Can Work It Out to The Long and Winding Road (except Let It Be) were released without picture sleeves. The sleeves of these singles were created by a seller to fool the collectors around the world. He sold these pictures as originals, but they’re not. These singles were released with standards sleeves only.

  2. Alexandre Begalli

    Hi. I understand that some data is not correct here. In 1965 Odeon (EMI’s Brazilian label) has released “The Beatles 65” in MONO and STEREO; in 1966 Rubber Soul (BTL-1001) was released only MONO, with a white belatles’s specific label; Revolver was released in MONO (BTL-1002) and SETERO (SBTL-1002); A Collection Beatles Oldies, But Goldies, was relesead in MONO only (BTL-1003). Since Rubber Soul released we have received the UK albuns content.Since 1966 every single were released with no photos. In the 70’s EMI has released a singles collection in 45 rpm with photos. But the brasilians ratter to have the albuns.

  3. Rafa

    Hello again!

    this time is for say that the brazilian LP “Beatlemania” is without the song «Not a Second Time».

    The complete tracklisting in side 2 of the LP was:
    1. «She Loves You»
    2. «Roll Over Beethoven»
    3. «You Really Got a Hold on Me»
    4. «I Wanna Be Your Man»
    5. «Devil in Her Heart»
    6. «I Saw Her Standing There»

    And on “The Beatles Again” is missed the song «Money» on side 2 of the LP, between «Hold Me Tight» and «Do You Want to Know a Secret»

    The complete tracklisting in side 2 of the LP was:
    1. «Hold Me Tight»
    2. «Money»
    3. «Do You Want to Know a Secret»
    4. «All My Loving»
    5. «Love Me Do»
    6. «Can’t Buy Me Love»

  4. Rafa

    The EP section:

    the original third brazilian EP of the Beatles had this consecutive tracklisting:

    Side 1:
    1. «A Hard Day’s Night»
    2. «I Should Have Known Better»
    1. «Can’t Buy Me Love»
    2. «And I Love Her»

    Greetings from Spain.

    1. Fabricio

      Twistin 1962
      01-My Bonnie
      02-Skinny Minnie
      03-Whole Lot Shakin’ Going On
      04-I Know Baby
      05-You Are My Sunshine
      06-Ready Teddy
      07-The Saints(when the saints go marching in)
      08-hallelujah i love her so
      09- let’s twist again
      10 – sweet georgia brown
      11-Swanee river
      12-Top Ten Twist

  5. socorro

    The stereo catalog number for Beatles 65 is SMOFB 317. The original issue came in a mono sleeve with a stereo sticker. It uses the solid blue label without the “Alta Fidelidade” next to the spindle.

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