As in the USA, The Beatles’ releases in Canada were marketed by Capitol. Unlike America, however, Capitol in Canada issued the group’s recordings from early 1963.

The first three Canadian albums were different from the US releases, although from the A Hard Day’s Night soundtrack onwards they were largely identical. In 1968 Capitol Canada released three early US LPs in stereo to replace these.

Aditionally, Let It Be was released as a box set with the paperback book, as in the United Kingdom, whereas US fans had to do with just the LP. Other variations exist, including five singles unique to Canada.


Beatlemania! With The Beatles
25 November 1963
Capitol T-6051
Beatlemania! With The Beatles album artwork – Canada
Twist And Shout
3 February 1964
Capitol T-6054
Twist And Shout album artwork – Canada
Long Tall Sally
27 April 1964
Capitol T-6063
Long Tall Sally album artwork – Canada
A Hard Day’s Night
26 June 1964
United Artists UAL 3366 (mono)
United Artists UAS 6366 (stereo)
A Hard Day's Night album artwork – USA
Something New
20 July 1964
Capitol T-2108
Something New album artwork
The Beatles’ Story
23 November 1964
Capitol TBO-2222
‘On Stage With The Beatles’
‘How Beatlemania Began’
‘Beatlemania In Action’
‘Man Behind The Beatles – Brian Epstein
‘John Lennon’
‘Who’s A Millionaire?’
‘Beatles Will Be Beatles’
‘Man Behind The Music – George Martin’
‘George Harrison’
‘A Hard Day’s Night – Their First Movie’
‘Paul McCartney’
‘Sneaky Haircuts And More About Paul’
‘The Beatles Look At Life’
‘‘Victims’ Of Beatlemania’
‘Beatle Medley’
‘Ringo Starr’
‘Liverpool And All The World!’
The Beatles' Story album artwork – USA
Beatles ’65
15 December 1964
Capitol T-2228 (mono)
Capitol ST-2228 (stereo)
Beatles '65 album artwork – USA
Beatles VI
14 June 1965
Capitol T-2358 (mono)
Capitol ST-2358 (stereo)
Beatles VI album artwork – USA
9 August 1965
Capitol MAS-2386 (mono)
Capitol SMAS-2386 (stereo)
‘The Night Before’
From Me To You Fantasy (instrumental)
‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’
‘I Need You’
In The Tyrol (instrumental)
‘Another Girl’
Another Hard Day’s Night (instrumental)
‘Ticket To Ride’
The Bitter End/You Can’t Do That (instrumental)
‘You’re Going To Lose That Girl’
The Chase (instrumental)
Help! album artwork – USA
Rubber Soul
9 December 1965
Capitol T-2442 (mono)
Capitol ST-2442 (stereo)
Rubber Soul album artwork – USA
Yesterday… And Today
20 June 1966
Capitol T-2553 (mono)
Capitol ST-2553 (mono)
Yesterday And Today album artwork (butcher cover) – USA
8 August 1966
Capitol T-2576 (mono)
Capitol ST-2576 (stereo)
Revolver (North American edition)
Meet The Beatles!
1 February 1967
Capitol T-2047 (mono)
Capitol ST-2047 (stereo)
Meet The Beatles! album artwork – USA
The Beatles’ Second Album
1 February 1967
Capitol T-2080 (mono)
Capitol ST-2080 (stereo)
The Beatles' Second Album artwork – USA
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2 June 1967
Capitol MAS-2653 (mono)
Capitol SMAS-2653 (stereo)
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album artwork
Magical Mystery Tour
27 November 1967
Capitol MAL-2835 (mono)
Capitol SMAL-2835 (stereo)
Magical Mystery Tour album artwork
The Early Beatles
1 August 1968
Capitol ST-2309
The Early Beatles album artwork – USA
The Beatles (White Album)
25 November 1968
Apple SWBO-101
The Beatles (White Album) artwork
Yellow Submarine
13 January 1969
Apple SW-153
Yellow Submarine album artwork
Abbey Road
1 October 1969
Apple SO-383
Abbey Road album artwork
Hey Jude/The Beatles Again
26 February 1970
Apple SW-385
Hey Jude album artwork
Let It Be
18 May 1970
Apple SOAL-6351
Let It Be album artwork
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