‘It’s Not True’ was one of three bonus tracks on the compact disc edition of Paul McCartney’s sixth solo album Press To Play.

‘Press’ was released as a single on 14 July 1986, a month prior to the album. ‘It’s Not True’ was on the b-side. The single was reissued in the 2022 box set The 7″ Singles Box, with its US artwork.

A 10″ single was also issued, and contained a slightly longer version of the Padgham mix lasting 4:20, plus a remix of ‘It’s Not True’ by Julian Mendelsohn, and ‘Press’ (Video Edit). Six thousand copies were released, with a circular fold-out cover.

There was additionally a 12″ single, which contained ‘Press’ (Video Soundtrack), another Padgham mix lasting 4:43; the Mendelsohn remix of ‘It’s Not True’; ‘Hanglide’, another outtake from the Press To Play sessions; and ‘Press’ (Dub Mix), another remix by Bevans and Forward, lasting 6:18.

The vinyl and cassette editions of Press To Play contained 10 songs, ending with ‘However Absurd’. The CD version contained the bonus tracks ‘Write Away’, ‘It’s Not True’, and ‘Tough On A Tightrope’.

Paul McCartney’s mixing notes for It's Not True

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