‘Tiny Bubble’ is the sixth song on Paul McCartney’s 2001 album Driving Rain.

The song was written and demoed at McCartney’s farm in Scotland.

‘Tiny Bubble’ was a demo that I made up at my little studio in Scotland. It was just a stream of consciousness thing about all the world’s a tiny bubble. It started as a bit more ballady, but as happened with a few of the songs when you bring them to a band, as now you’ve got a drummer they hip up a bit. So this one went more towards Al Green or something and on the record we’ve left in a few of the rough edges, a few of the studio noises, which makes for a good sort of atmosphere. We hadn’t tried to tidy this album up too much, it’s still got a sort of raw freshness to it.
Paul McCartney
paulmccartney.com, November 2001

‘Tiny Bubble’ was recorded by McCartney at Henson Studios in Los Angeles on 25 February 2001, the same day he recorded ‘Magic’.

Recorded on 25th February 2001 onto 16-track analogue tape then loaded into Logic Audio for overdubs. Paul played Fender Rhodes then overdubbed Höfner Bass, Epiphone electric guitar and the lead vocal. Abe played a small scale DW drum kit. Rusty played Dan Electro and a Gibson 335 electric guitar. Gabe played Hammond organ.
paulmccartney.com, November 2001

McCartney never performed ‘Tiny Bubble’ live in concert.

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