McCartney III cover artworkWritten by: McCartney
Recorded: 2020
Producer: Paul McCartney

Released: 18 December 2020

Available on:
McCartney III


Paul McCartney: vocals, all instruments

‘The Kiss Of Venus’ is a song from McCartney III, Paul McCartney’s solo album written and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown.

McCartney discussed the song during an interview with Taylor Swift for Rolling Stone magazine:

McCartney: Sometimes I’ll just be inspired by something. I had a little book which was all about the constellations and the stars and the orbits of Venus and…

Swift: Oh, I know that song – ‘The Kiss of Venus’?

McCartney: Yeah, ‘The Kiss of Venus’. And I just thought, “That’s a nice phrase.” So I was actually just taking phrases out of the book, harmonic sounds. And the book is talking about the maths of the universe, and how when things orbit around each other, and if you trace all the patterns, it becomes like a lotus flower.

Swift: Wow.

McCartney: It’s very magical.

Paul McCartney, October 2020
Rolling Stone

Dominic Fike’s cover version of ‘The Kiss Of Venus’ was the first release from the McCartney III Imagined album, on 11 March 2020. The video features McCartney at the very end.