Paul McCartney – Happy With You artworkWritten by: McCartney
Producers: Paul McCartney, Greg Kurstin

Released: 7 September 2018

Available on:
Egypt Station


Paul McCartney: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, harpsichord, foot stomp
Abe Laboriel Jr: fuzzy toms, tack piano bass note
Greg Kurstin: finger snaps, upright piano
Everton Nelson: violin
John Metcalfe, Bruce White: viola
Ian Burdge: cello

‘Happy With You’ is the fourth track on Egypt Station, Paul McCartney’s 17th solo studio album.

Yeah, I was on holiday and I was just noodling around on the guitar, and I was thinking about the days when I had a lot of free time and used to just sort of lie around basically doing nothing all day, and getting a bit stoned and… just doing nothing really. Busy doing nothing.

And so I got this little riff on the guitar and the words came to me, you know: “I used to lie around all day, I used to get stoned, I used to like to get wasted, but these days I don’t.”

So it’s a song about growing up. There’s a period in your life – in some people’s lives – when they’re not being as productive, or not being as organised or disciplined as they may later turn out to be. So this was basically it.

Paul McCartney