Paul McCartney recorded a version of Fats Domino’s ‘Coquette’ for his 1999 album Run Devil Run.

The song was originally the b-side of Domino’s 1958 single ‘Whole Lotta Loving’.

It’s just me singing Fats. We tried fixing little bits of it because I thought ‘God, this is too much like a pub singer … But we ended up going back to the earliest mix. It just has a feeling.
Paul McCartney
Run Devil Run liner notes

‘Coquette’ was a b-side of Fats Domino’s and I always liked the tune. ‘Hear me, why you been fooling, little Coquette’. It’s just a charming little song and I always loved it, you know? It was just one of mine that I always meant to do one of these days, either with The Beatles or, it never came up.

So, I just remembered it. I thought, right, got to do that one. So that’s one, that’s got a bit of a retro sound. It’s really me doing Fats, you know. I love it so much that I couldn’t do it any other way.

Paul McCartney
Run Devil Run Best Buy bonus interview disc

‘Coquette’ was recorded at Abbey Road Studios during the first Run Devil Run session, 1 March 1999, along with ‘I Got Stung’ and the ‘No Other Baby’ b-side ‘Fabulous’.

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