Paul McCartney recorded a version of Larry Williams’ ‘She Said Yeah’ for his 1999 album Run Devil Run.

Sexy song. Yeah, man. ‘She Said Yeah’ was a Larry Williams song. And it was really one of my favourites of his. In fact it was my favourite of Larry’s. He did some other good songs like ‘Bony Moronie’ and stuff, which were big hits. But it was always a song I loved and always wanted to get round to doing.

In actual fact, I think, I remember turning Mick Jagger on to it. I remember distinctively having him up into a little music room and the bit I love… I was dancing away, showing Mick and he loved it. So, yeah, my main recollection of ‘She Said Yeah’ is just as it being really one of my favourite Larry Williams tracks. And he’s just a great vocalist, Larry, you know, it’s a storming track, the original. So that’s kind of faithful to, we messed around with it a little bit, but that’s sort of like my memory of the original.

Paul McCartney
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The Beatles played ‘She Said Yeah’ during the Get Back/Let It Be sessions on 24 January 1969.

McCartney’s version of ‘She Said Yeah’ was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on 5 March 1999, the same day as McCartney’s versions of ‘Brown Eyed Handsome Man’, ‘No Other Baby’, and ‘Blue Jean Bop’.

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