McCartney album artwork – Paul McCartneyWritten by: McCartney
Recorded: December 1969-February 1970
Producer: Paul McCartney

Released: 17 April 1970 (UK), 20 April 1970 (US)

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Paul McCartney: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums
Linda McCartney: backing vocals

A track on Paul McCartney’s début solo album, ‘Teddy Boy’ was written in 1968 and was originally recorded twice by The Beatles.

Another song started in India, and completed in Scotland and London, gradually. This one was recorded for the Get Back film, but later not used.

Rerecorded partly at home … (guitar, voices and bass) … and finished at Morgan.

Linda and I sing the backing harmonies on the chorus, and occasional oos.

Paul McCartney, 1970

McCartney put forward ‘Teddy Boy’ as a possible contender for the Let It Be album, although the light-hearted tale was clearly disliked by John Lennon. A version included on 1996’s Anthology 3 showed him deliberately attempting to sabotage McCartney’s attempts to teach it to the group by singing hoedown lyrics.

‘Teddy Boy’ was included in Glyn Johns’ first attempt at compiling the Get Back album, an effort which ultimately came to nothing. It was absent from Johns’ second mastered album, which was put together on 5 January 1970, suggesting that McCartney was already intending to re-record it. Either way it didn’t feature in the Let It Be film, so was never considered for inclusion on the soundtrack by Phil Spector.

For this remake, McCartney recorded the basic track of vocals, guitar and bass guitar on his four-track home studio at 7 Cavendish Avenue, London. It was then transferred to eight-track tape at Morgan Studios and given further overdubs, including vocals by Linda McCartney.