‘Singalong Junk’ is an instrumental version of ‘Junk’, recorded for Paul McCartney’s first solo album in 1970.

The recording was take one of ‘Junk’. McCartney taped it at his 7 Cavendish Avenue home on 17 January 1970, with overdubs added at Morgan Studios on 18 February.

This was take 1, for the vocal version, which was take 2, and a shorter version.

Guitars, and piano and bass, were put on at home, and the rest added at Morgan Studios.

The strings are Mellotron, and they were done at the same time as the electric guitar, bass drum, and sizzle cymbal.

Paul McCartney, 1970

‘Singalong Junk’ was first performed live during McCartney’s appearance on MTV Unplugged on 25 January 1991. It appeared as the final track on that year’s Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) album, although it was named ‘Junk’ on the tracklisting.

I thought it would be nice to do a little instrumental, so I reminded the guys of it. It worked nice on the show: they used it as the playout and rolled the credits over it.
Paul McCartney
Club Sandwich #58, Summer 1991

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