An ad-libbed track recorded at Paul McCartney’s home studio at 7 Cavendish Avenue, London, ‘Momma Miss America’ was constructed from two separate pieces edited together.

An instrumental recorded completely at home. Made up as I went along – first a sequence of chords, then a melody on top.

Piano, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar.

Originally it was two pieces, but they ran into each other by accident and became one.

Paul McCartney, 1970

The original title of ‘Momma Miss America’ was ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Springtime’, as shouted at the start of the recording. The edit of the two parts can be heard at the 1’57” point.

The two sections bear little resemblance to one another: the first begins in A minor and switches into A major, while the second part is in G major and follows a different rhythm and chord structure.

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