UK album release: Standing Stone by Paul McCartney

Standing Stone, Paul McCartney’s second album of classical music, was released in the United Kingdom on 29 September 1997.

The album topped the classical charts in both the US and UK, and briefly entered the pop charts.

Standing Stone album artwork - Paul McCartney

The UK release had originally been scheduled for 6 October 1997, but was brought forward to coincide with the US date of 25 September.

The compact disc came with a 48 page booklet, and the standard case was enclosed with a cardboard sleeve. It featured an essay by Andrew Stewart, and reproductions of two paintings by Paul from 1994 named Standing Stone Story and Standing Stone Story II.

The cover photography was by Linda McCartney, and was from the 1969/1970 collection that adorned the gatefold sleeve of the McCartney album.

The booklet contained further photographs by Linda, Mary McCartney and David Eustace. A deluxe box set containing a two-disc vinyl edition was limited to 2,500 copies, and was released on 1 December.

Last updated: 19 July 2021
US album release: Standing Stone by Paul McCartney
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