McCartney II album artwork - Paul McCartneyWritten by: McCartney
Recorded: June-July 1979
Producer: Paul McCartney

Released: 16 May 1980 (UK), 26 May 1980 (US)

Paul McCartney: vocals, guitar

Available on:
McCartney II

The final song on Paul McCartney's second solo album stood in stark contrast to the experimental, often electronic songs that came before it.

One of These Days - McCartney II (Deluxe Version) [Remastered]

One Of These Days was classic McCartney territory, a pensive acoustic song that showcased his unmatched melodic skill. It was inspired by the serenity of a Hare Krishna devotee that visited him during the McCartney II sessions.

One Of These Days all happened when a Hare Krishna bloke came round to see me. He was a nice fellow, very sort of gentle. After he left, I went to the studio and the vibe carried through a bit. I started writing something a bit more gentle that particular day. The song seemed right as a very simple thing and it basically just says, 'One of these days I'll do what I've been meaning to do the rest of my life.' I think it's something a lot of people can identify with.
Paul McCartney

Sounding more like a Rishikesh-inspired outtake from The Beatles' White Album than a summer 1979 song, the lyrics to One Of These Days - with their references to breathing fresh air and enjoying freedom - took on an added poignancy in the light of McCartney's incarceration after his arrest for cannabis possession in Japan in 1980.