‘Struggle’ was a bonus track on Paul McCartney’s 16th solo studio album New.

The song was available on the deluxe edition of New issued in Japan, and is the only recording exclusive to that release. ‘Struggle’ was the final song listed on the album, although it was followed by the hidden track ‘Scared’.

‘Struggle’ was one of four songs on New that were co-written and produced by Paul Epworth. Unlike the other three – ‘Save Us’, ‘Queenie Eye’, and ‘Road’ – it was recorded by McCartney alone.

The results were one of McCartney’s more experimental recordings, recalling the spontaneous feel of his McCartney II or The Fireman releases.

Precise details of the recording are not known, but it is thought that ‘Struggle’ was recorded at AIR Studios in London, and Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

A collector’s edition of New was released in 2014, containing two CDs and a DVD. The second CD included ‘Struggle’, marking the first time it had been issued officially outside Japan. The other songs on the CD were previously unreleased tracks ‘Hell To Pay’ and ‘Demons Dance’.

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